Best Bakery Courses in Delhi (Start your Own Bakery)

Have you ever been told that India is not the place to learn baking and that you will have to spend lakhs on courses in Australia or France? Or that opening a bakery is risky and likely to fail so you should have a backup career?

C’mon, every aspiring baker has been there, looking for the best bakery courses in Delhi or pretty much anywhere that will teach them everything there is to running a profitable bakery, right? This includes not just baking but also aspects like pricing, menu-planning, marketing, etc.

Well, guess what, your search is about to end with TruffleNation, a state of the art baking school located in the heart of Delhi. Here’s all you need to know about them and why their courses work.

Trufflenation: Best Baking Classes in Delhi or Not?

If we have to put in one word, YES and here are 6 reasons why.

1. You learn to sell and not just bake

Whether you go to the Academy of Pastry Arts India, IICA, AIBTM or Trufflenation, they will all teach you to bake yummy, bakery-quality cakes and cookies but at Trufflenation, you’ll walk out with much more.

Yup, their professional courses arm you with not just skills needed in the kitchen but outside of it as well for managing and running a bakery. This includes the pricing of items, storing them, menu-planning, staffing, etc.

You’ll also be provided with a list of vendors for ingredients and machinery

But the biggest benefit of all is the deep-dive marketing sessions. Here you’ll learn to perform market research, create social media profiles, websites, run ads on Google, Instagram and tons of other things.

Things that will turn your bread into a brand making an otherwise tedious task seamless.

2. Their pricing won’t burn a hole in the pocket

If you thought that a course costing 8-10 lacs at The Academy of Pastry Arts or AIBTM was a bargain considering you would not have to spend 40-50 lacs abroad, you are in for a real surprise.

Trufflenation offers you even bigger savings as their Diploma course costs just Rs. 2,75,000. This includes ingredient cost, uniform, course materials, etc. (all you need to carry is a pen and paper).

Furthermore, they allow you to pay the fee in installments and the booking amount is just 10k.

Even the fee for their part-time bakery courses is low. Yup, you can learn about everything bread making (including a few Europeans Bread) for just about 30k.

Or take a leap into the world of 3D cakes, Tiered Wedding cakes with the Celebration Cakes Module that costs just 50k and is just 10 days long.

Talking about duration, Trufflenation’s Diploma course takes just 4-months thus giving you headstart whether it is your bakery you wanted to start or get a high paying job.

3. Courses for all kinds of bakers

As you can see, there’s a course for every baker. Diploma and Certification courses for professionals and Baker’s Essential for hobbyists. Furthermore, you can also opt for any module on an individual basis as well

And if you opt for the Baker’s Diploma, you also get a shot at an internship at Truffle nation itself where you can further improve your skills, knowledge and get real-time training in running a live kitchen.

Oh, and if you do not have time on weekdays due to college or work, there are weekend classes available as well.

4. It will all be hands-on

We are sure by now you spend a lot of your money and time on workshops, online courses, e-books, recipe books, and even YouTube videos but while they help, you’ll never become a professional.

Thankfully, Trufflenation has dumped the traditional ‘see and learn technique’ and introduced a completely hands-on approach. This means you learn to work with commercial-grade ovens, mixers, and baking equipment like piping bags, spatula, etc. as you bake your cakes and cookies.

And to guide you when there are moments of difficulty, there is one trainer dedicated for every 4-5 students. This ensures each student gets individual attention.  Plus, whether you have the silliest of questions or the most interesting, feel free to ask them without any hesitation.

All the staff is welcoming and create a homely environment that further aides learning as you feel comfortable. The trainers are also very knowledgeable and their dedication to teaching every student in the batch is praise-worthy.

5. Testimonials

From Pawtisserie, an online bakery for healthy, hearty dog food and cakes to MyCafeLeh, a cafe run by Stanzein in Leh, Trufflenation has plenty of similar success stories to share that acts as proof that their course does exactly what it claims.

But if you do not want to run your cafe or home business, Trufflenation also guarantees you 100% job assistance. If you perform well during the course, they’ll even help you get internship opportunities at prestigious bakeries like Theobroma as well.

But don’t take just our word for it, here’s what their students have been saying.

6. At Walkable Distance from the Metro Station

You are most likely going to commute using the metro, right? Thus you will be happy to know that both the Saket branch and the Malviya Nagar branches are at a walkable distance from the metro station.

In fact, the walk from Saket Metro station to the Saket branch is barely a few meters which means you’ll save on both cost and time.

Best Bakery Courses in Delhi: A Verdict

When picking the best bakery classes in Delhi, we had 2 criteria, affordability and in-depth, hands-on learning and Trufflenation checks both those boxes.

Plus, with their marketing sessions, you’ll also transform into the ultimate entrepreneur capable of both baking items as well as selling them. And unlike other bakery classes, Trufflenation promises to help you with your dream even 2, 3 or 10 years after you have completed your course.

No doubt, AIBTM, the Academy of Pastry Arts and IICA are also excellent baking schools but the higher price range, longer courses and lack of aspects such as marketing, food photography in the curriculum mean you miss out on some core skills a professional baker must-have.